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    Li Yixin explained: "The last time the store owner left Stone City, didn't I personally take him out of the checkpoint in the west of the city? At that time, he knew that I was the boss of Jianzhong Trading Company, so if I ask He Shop to go to Stone City this time I follow him to Chongqing when I smuggle cigarettes and buy silk stockings in the city, so that I can sneak into Chongqing, because on the surface, I can go to Chongqing to do business as a businessman, and negotiate with the boss behind shopkeeper He. This is the most normal thing for outsiders. There is no reason. And if you think about it, this Shopkeeper He can cross the boundary between the two sides with that much smoke every time and reach Stone City safely, which means Shopkeeper He or the boss behind The shopkeeper must have opened it. It is very safe to use such a channel for smuggling, and I followed the shopkeeper He to Chongqing.

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